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Astralytical Publishes Analysis on NASA Human Spaceflight History


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Astralytical Publishes Analysis on NASA Human Spaceflight History

March 21, 2016

Astralytical announces the release of its report, NASA Human Spaceflight Evolution 2001 – 2016. This report examines NASA's human spaceflight priorities over the last 15 years, two presidential administrations, and three NASA administrations.

Since 2001, NASA human spaceflight has evolved from the Space Shuttle program and the International Space Station (ISS) assembly to the Constellation Program to the utilization of the ISS and transportation by commercial partners and the Orion and Space Launch System designed to take humans beyond ISS. Since 2001, human space destinations have evolved from low Earth orbit (LEO) to the Moon on the way to Mars to asteroids on the Journey to Mars. A close look at the past can help us to predict and create the future.

In addition to reporting what programs and concepts NASA emphasized over time, the analysis notes the reactions of key members of U.S. Congress to NASA's plans and progress. This report examines 79 Congressional hearings, presidential speeches, and NASA publications to get an accurate snapshot of the priorities and views of the day.

The NASA Human Spaceflight Evolution 2001 – 2016 report is available for immediate purchase at


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