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Astralytical Announces Opening of New Laboratory for Space Resources


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Astralytical Announces Opening of New Laboratory for Space Resources

February 21, 2017


Astralytical is pleased to announce the opening of its first laboratory for space resources in northern Georgia. Run by Astralytical founder and scientist Laura Forczyk, the lab will focus on understanding and utilizing resources found on planetary bodies such as the Moon, Mars, and asteroids.

“To create a path toward a permanent human presence in space, we need to use the material on other worlds,” Forczyk explained. “We must understand the science of these materials before we can use them to our advantage. The Astralytical lab will examine these space resources so we will know what to expect when we travel to other worlds.”

In-situ resource utilization (ISRU) is the use of materials and resources on-site, and is the foundation of Astralytical's scientific research efforts. “ISRU is the key to affordable and sustained human exploration of other planetary bodies, but has been underappreciated,” according to Forczyk. “The fundamental research at Astralytical will benefit ISRU goals for human space exploration.”

Initial research at Astralytical will focus on the physical properties of regolith, or space soil, containing ice particles. Icy regolith is thought to be foundational for extracting and manufacturing water and fuel outside of Earth. Using planetary regolith simulants, Astralytical will create an analog environment to study worlds beyond Earth. This research will be relevant to human and robotic exploration and exploitation of Earth's Moon, Mars, Martian Moons, asteroids, and other cold, rocky worlds.

“We at Astralytical look forward to contributing to the conversation within the space scientific and engineering community regarding space-based ISRU efforts,” Forczyk added.


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