Space Analysis and Consulting

 Current Projects

Hot Topic Briefings in Space Industry & Science

We are researching, analyzing, and summarizing a wide variety of hot topics related to space science, industry, and policy with predictions and projections in quick-to-read packages. Release coming soon!

Space Tourism

We are conducting research and analysis on preparing for and adapting to life and work in space to guide future private spaceflight participants. 

Generational Space Attitudes Research

We are conducting research on the attitudes and perspectives of the millennial generation working in the space sciences and space industry. Through individual interviews, we are gathering data on how members of this generation feel about current space initiatives and future space goals.


Completed Projects

Spaceport Camden: Mission Possible

We led a report for Camden County, Georgia on their proposed Spaceport Camden. We conducted research and analysis to determine the secondary benefits to the southeast Georgia community, focusing on new business, education, and tourism.

High-Altitude Platforms

We led a report on stratospheric and near space balloons, airships, and pseudo-satellites (also known as atmospheric satellites, atmosats, or high-altitude UAVs) for Northern Sky Research. What is the current status of the technology and funding, what applications are hot and upcoming, and which players will likely succeed?


Emerging Small Orbital Launch Vehicles

We led a report on new and emerging smallsat launch vehicles globally for Northern Sky Research. What is the market potential, who are the main players, which companies are likely to succeed, and when?


In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)

We partnered with the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute at the Florida Institute of Technology to study how lunar and Martian regolith (dirt) can be used to create rocket propellant and other useful resources for future exploration missions. By extracting hydrogen, oxygen, and other elements in the extraterrestrial regolith, water, fuel, and building materials can be created. Can the creation of in-space fuel depots reduce the cost of long-term space missions such as human travel to Mars?


Congressional Space Policy Initiatives

We were honored to serve on Congressman Bill Posey's Space Advisory Panel. We examined the space policy efforts in Washington in order to give carefully considered expert advice on the state of NASA, U.S. military, commercial, and international space programs.


STEM Education for Underprivledged Girls

We partnered with Benignant STEM Innovation (BSI) Foundation, a new nonprofit to educate and inspire girls in developing countries and underserved girls in developed countries. To put BSI on the path toward success, we established a fundraising campaign, developed a list of potential grant opportunities, drafted a grant proposal summary, created a corporate sponsorship request packet, and advised in best practices.


Event Social Media Promotions

We handled social media communications for the Next-generation Suborbital Researchers Conference 2016. Coverage before, during, and following the event took place on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging and included original content, shared content, and live feedback/response.