Space Analysis and Consulting

Consulting Services

Astralytical is a space consulting firm for the aerospace sector focusing on space science, space industry, and space policy analysis. Our specialty is big-picture outlook and multidisciplinary space trends. We see the entirety space sector and can help you put your company or project into context.

We are problem solvers. Our goal is to assist you with your project to a successful outcome. Our experiences span government, industry, academia, nonprofits, and start-ups. Our expertise includes science and technical, business, and political. We are committed to serving you through the completion of your project or on an ongoing basis as you need us.


We are available to be your subject matter expert (SME) in the following areas:


Space Science

  • Physics and physical sciences

  • Astronomy and astrophysics

  • Microgravity experimentation & payloads

  • Remote sensing & Earth observation

  • Proposal review and critique

Commercial Space Industry & Related

  • Big-picture U.S. and global space sector analysis & market trends

  • Emerging “NewSpace” space launch vehicles, technologies, companies

  • LEO & ISS commercialization

  • Earth observation and remote sensing applications

  • Near-space and high-altitude platforms: stratospheric balloons, airships, and pseudo-satellites/UAVs

  • Space tourism and near-space tourism

Science Policy & Space Policy

  • Local, federal, and international space policy formation and analysis

  • Space policy advocacy

  • Position papers and opinion editorials (op-eds)

Science & Sci-Fi Media

  • Movies, films, & shows

  • Books

  • Video games

  • Educational articles & journalism background

Public Outreach

  • Public speaking and public relations

  • Conference or event planning and execution

  • Social media