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Sometimes we need someone to listen to our dreams and assure us we're on the right path. Sometimes we need a course correction. Sometimes we just don't know where to begin. Whether you have a technical background or a non-traditional background, let me help.

I have years of mentoring experience with students and young professionals. I provide customized, individualized services and resources for your needs. With an initial assessment, I take a snapshot of where you are and help you to create a roadmap to where you want to be.

I have assisted over 25 coaching clients in 2 years from 6 countries and a variety of disciplines including science, engineering, law, IT, aviation, petroleum, law, public policy, philosophy, economics.


Laura Forczyk is a consultant in the space industry working on academic, industry, and government projects. Areas of current interest include human spaceflight architecture, in-situ resource utilization, planetary science, microgravity experimentation, NASA mission evolution, space policy, and international space agency analysis. Previous work includes the being on the management team of an international aerospace start-up, International Space Station scientific research, aerospace industry analysis, microgravity payloads, planetary science experimentation, and space-based astrophysics observations and research. You can follow Laura on Twitter or her blog.